Welcome to My Little Side of the Internet!



Hi! I'm mostly making this so friends can check in on me and also to see if I could even make a website, but anyone is free to look around! I'm hypothetically giving you a warm drink in front of a fireplace and telling you random shit. This site works best on desktop 1920x1080! Holy shit thank you for 10k views!

Harmoe shrine is done for now!
Sorry for barely any updates recently! I'm gonna try to fix that! Depression has just been kicking my ass lately.
The shrines' link... holder thing now scrolls! Extremly minor update but its important I think.
Finally added a blog directory, at the cost of the silly Nana pic bc she was breaking my code. I'm sorry Nana.
I made a button for my website finally!
Finished the DDLC shrine! It's probably the most ambitious thing I've made for this website to date! Make sure to search around with your cursor when you're on there because I left little surprises around!
Added Revue Starlight shrine! It's done... for now.
Added the hub for my shrines! Links to said shrines will be added as they are made. Currently its unclickable text!
Finished art gallery! Ignore it's roughness it's supposed to be like that I think.
First entry of blog done! Warning for heavy topics I think! Sorry if it sounds like edgy teen rambling, it is! Might add some flare to the page itself later!
Finished dream figures section for now!
Apologies for slow updates! Going through something rn! Dream figures section will be done eventually, then onto blog!!
Figures added, dream figures section of it will be added soon!
About me is done for the the most part (for now) Figures page is next!
I just got broken up with so expect either a hiatus or a near impossible amount of work done in a short amount of time (i will not take out the parts mentionting my gf i am in. denial.) stay safe out there, love you guys.

Added About me! (still a wip)