Descriptions of characters are loosely based off wiki articles but will mostly be my own descriptions and may be silly or have biases!

Karen Aijo

Student Number 1 of the 99th class, Aijo Karen! Born on September 27th, 2001. She is very enthusiastic and very lively. Could probably be described as hyper and perhaps a bit childish at times. Super motivated by her promise with her childhood friend, Hikari, though was rather helpless when that promise was not in sight. Very friendly to her fellow stage girls, overall pretty cool dude. Uhh non non dayo/10.
Status:Happily Divorced

Futaba Isurugi

Student Number 2 of the 99th class, Isurugi Futaba! Born April 17th, 2001 (Hey that's a day after my birthday... well technically she's 6 years older than me but shhh.) Born in Kyoto, swordfight lover, moterbike driver, and has short man syndrome. Spent most of her life taking care of her childhood friend, Kaoruko. Claiming to want to be the first one to see her in full bloom, closer than anyone in the world. Despite her sometimes harsh words, she does have a kind heart. Ehh YOSH outta 10.
Status:Ex Malewife

Claudine Saijo

Student Number 11 and Second Rank of the 99th class, Saijo Claudine! Born August 1st, 2001. Part Japanese from her dad, part French from her mom. She is usually a level-headed and friendly girl. One that her fellow stage girls look for encouragement and guidance from. But before the events of the movie these traits would be clouded when Maya Tendo was around, making her very competetive and hot-headed in her presence. She is pretty much the certified dad of the group. Everyone's favorite half white girl. Fuckin uhh TENDO MAYA!/10.

Nana Daiba

Student Number 15 of the 99th class, Daiba Nana! Born July 12th, 2001. Her name means Big Banana and there is so much wrong with her! Skilled at both acting and directing, she is quite the talented idividual. Considered everyone's mother though she could be counted as the most childish of the group, being easily exitable and a crybaby. Not much is known about her childhood other than that it was lonely. She lived the same year for about the equivalent of 65 years. She is very close (gay) with her roommate Junna! She loves frogs and bananas and abosolutely hates change. The autistic icon ever. Uh Bana-nice!/100.
Status:Haha your wife left you

Mahiru Tsuyuzaki

Student Number 17 of the 99th class, Tsuyuzaki Mahiru! Born May 4th, 2001. Mahiru is a kind girl, but can be stern if she needs too, a skill aquired from having five younger siblings. She cares very deeply about her friends and roommates, Hikari and Karen. Though orginally she saw Hikari as a rival for Karen's affection. She is very skilled at baton and baseball and has a very strong physique due to being raised on a farm. Both self-concious and determined, she pushes foward towards her dreams after she remembers her own brilliance. #MAHIRUSWEEP. 1000/10.
Status:Living her best life

Maya Tendo

Student Number 18 and Head of the 99th class, Tendo Maya! Born July 24th, 2001. Held at high regards and standards by her peers, she is extremly devoted to her craft. Deep down though, she is a dork who loves chicks and eating. During the events of the series Maya is very reserved but wasn't above hanging out or conversing with her classmates. She is claimed to be a genius and a thouroughbred, completely devoting her life to the stage. She also tended to be a very greedy and jealous person, wanting no one else to take her position as top star. She has great respect for Claudine as her rival. She is a complete loser. Ma Claudine/10.
Status:Gay but in a loser way

Kaoruko Hanayagi

Student Number 22 of the 99th class, Hanayagi Kaoruko! Born March 3rd, 2002. Granddaughter of the head of a tradional Japanese dance school, she was raised in privilege and to be the next heir of said school. She is calculating and cunning, though rather shy when meeting new people. During the series she is extremly dependant on her childhood friend, Futaba. Though extremely driven and hardworking at times, she can also be extremely lazy. She has tried running away many times in her life, having to be caught and brought back by aforementioned Futaba. Unlike Futaba, in the series Kaoruko actually speaks in a Kyoto dialect. She is completely pathetic I love her. Futaba-hannn/10.
Status:Absolutely pathetic

Junna Hoshimi

Student Number 25 of the 99th class, Hoshimi Junna! Born October 1st, 2001. Being the Student Council President, Junna is rather friendly with her peers, but will push them to do their work if need be. She has been an honor student since she was very young, but strayed off the path her parents set for her when she discovered her love for theatre. Because she started practicing to become the top star later than her peers, she tended to overwork herself as to catch up. She holds her roommate, Nana, to high regards and enjoys doing friendly activities with her such as kissing on the lips. I love you, you little autism. [Famous Quote]/10.
Status:New York City baby

Hikari Kagura

Student Number 29 of the 99th class, Kagura Hikari! Born January 8th, 2002. A rather aloof and distant girl, Hikari is both talented and quite the handful. Before losing her brilliance in her previous auditions back in London, Hikari was outgoing, ambitious, and full of energy. For the most part now there is no thoughts behind those eyes. Though sometimes her old personality shines through when she interacts with Karen, her childhood friend. Just like Karen, their promise is her main driving point for most of the series. Yet she is more ready to move onto the next stage when the time comes. Gay lmao. Mr. White/10.
Status:Happily Divorced

Picture Hoard!

I am a self-proclaimed digital hoarder. I have over 23,000 images on my phone as of wrting this. That doesn't include the amount on my computer either. Here I will put a few (offical) images of Revue Starlight! I have lots of fanart on my phone for the most part but it would take too long to find sources etc sooo only official images here! Gifs, Screenshots, Official art, its here!
Forgive the mess! Imagine this as a toy box of a disorganized child.
Click on images for full resolution!

Surprisingly, despite all the pictures of Nana, Mahiru is my fav character!

Significance To Me!

I got into Revue Starlight on a whim October 13th, 2022. I was at the beggining of going through my first breakup, and as of writing this I am still going through it. A lot of people in my web-circle enjoy it so I thought why the hell not. I downloaded the game on my phone but soon realized I was very lost as soon as I saw that Giraffe appear on screen, so I decided to watch the anime first. Watching it helped me understand more all the complicated emotions I was feeling. Seeing these girls go through similar things made me feel less alone. At the end of every episode I would be on the verge of tears. I couldn't have watched it at a better time in my life. If I had watched it any earlier I doubt I would get it as much as I do, any later, I don't think I would have as much respect, as I would just see what all the girls are going through through the lens of past tense. It would be "Oh yeah I remember feeling that at some point" and not the "Oh god that's me right now" that I felt. Right after finishing it I watched the movie. Unfortunately I did not watch the first movie until recently so I didn't have much context HAHAHA. The movie is up there in my favorite movies now. Right next to Rebellion and MLP: Rainbow Rocks. I love beautiful chaos. I also enjoyed all the revues, once again helping me understand my feelings and being able to see myself in the characters. The good and the bad of myself. This anime totally reawakened my love for theatre. Especially seeing the live shows just made the previously lost theatre nut within me go well... nuts PLSS. Watching as the characters realize their worth as people helped me understand my worth as well. Waaa I just love this show lots. I don't know what I'd be doing right now without it. I love shows that bring hope back into me!


When they were young, Karen Aijo and Hikari Kagura watched Starlight, a famous tradgedy loved by many around the world. The two of them make a promise to perform it together on their 'fated stage'. After being seperated for 12 years, they meet again at Seisho Music Academy during the preparation of preforming Starlight at the 100th Seisho festival. Though they and their fellow Stage Girls join a mysterious audition where they must battle to become the Top Star. Oh yeah and the auditions are held by a giraffe because why not.


Revue Starlight got it's anime adaptation July 13th 2018. Accompanied with clean animation and amazing music, the anime is super good! It's filled to the brim with imagery I have yet to decipher, as I haven't really gotten to doing one of my hours long research seasions for that one topic. All the characters get their own episode and needed development through out the comparatively short anime. I also really love how the Nana centric episode was the 7th. Nana... nana... get it? Ahh I'm really bad at writing reviews for this stuff. I don't feel like any of my explanations could do this anime justice. Please, just watch it!

Stage Play/Lives!

These actually started before the anime even aired! The first performance being September 22nd 2017. The stage plays are performed by the characters' voice actresses. Momoyo Koyama as Karen Aijo, Suzuko Mimori as Hikari Kagura, Haruki Iwata as Mahiru Tsuyuzaki, Aina Aiba as Claudine Saijo, Maho Tomita as Maya Tendo, Hinata Satō as Junna Hoshimi, Moeka Koizumi as Nana Daiba, Teru Ikuta as Futaba Isurugi, andd Ayasa Itō as Kaoruko Hanayagi. (That took a lot of googling.) Starting off with the stage plays, I will edit this as I watch more of them but what I've seen so far is very fun acting that gets a giggle out of me. The sudden cuts to music also make me laugh but it's expected because they're musicals obv. The stage plays also have slightly different and or more in depth characterizations of the characters. That is most of my knowledge of the stage plays at the moment. The lives on the other hand, I am very familiar. Seeing the songs from the series performed live just gave me a whole new appreaciation for them! After not really listening to it much, Re:Create became one of my favs after watching the live for it. All the women who perform are super talented! Being able to sing and dance and act is so cool! The women have great chemistry on stage and off it, which really adds to the performances! A lot of the actresses are close even outside of the production and a few of them have different channels with eachother as costars. I believe Moeka and Hinata have a channel together as well as Aina and Maho AS WELL AS Teru and Ayasa. They all seem to be very lively, interesting people!... I don't think you guys could understand the hours of videos I watched to reasearch for this part. I assume these close relationships help them potray the closeness between the characters so well, too! I highly recommend watching these, the power behind the performances are muah, chef's kiss. Hokori to Okori, Re:Create, Hoshiboshi no Kizuna, and Starlight come to mind. There's also fun ones such as Koi no Makyuu. That one always brings a smile to my face. The dissonace between the personalities of the characters and the actresses takes me aback sometimes. Like the interludes of the perfomances and just seeing the difference between Maho and Maya is a huge juxtapositon. I have watched way too many videos of these women fucking around for this section. Please watch the lives! The translations are easily findable on Youtube. As for the stage plays, it takes a little digging but you'll find em'.

Forgive me.

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The Movie!

This movie is just so amazing. The animation is beautiful and the songs are so good. I have rewatched this 4 times as of writing this. THIS movie I have actually done my homework for and understand a bit. I cried every revue. All the feelings were so raw, and I could relate to all the conflicts between the relationships. I really couldn't have watched this movie at a better time in my life. You can tell the team really put their all into this. The visuals are sooo ahhh. Not gonna go too far into this topic in case you wish to watch it yourself.


Haven't played enough yet, sorry! Will edit this once this changes.